Ist das Kunst? Und kann ich das steuerlich absetzen?

Of course we can’t tell you what art is. However, we can tell you what is tax deductible according to German tax law.

A collage in the conference room, a Christo in the executive office, prints in the waiting room. In all these cases, there may be a business reason for buying such art.
But this does not mean that the expenses are also tax deductible. When buying works of art by renowned artists, the competent tax office often assumes that the art object is not subject to a loss in value, but on the contrary, it will increase in value over time.

We will be happy to explain to you in a personal meeting when and under what circumstances you, as an entrepreneur, can still deduct art immediately and how you can get the VAT back.

By the way, even in your home office you may be able to deduct expenses for art from taxes.

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