German Payroll Service
German Payroll Service

German Payroll Service


Zerberus specialise in providing a full-service payroll solution in Germany, both for foreign employers and for companies planning to send workers to Germany.

As the German government holds an employer liable for mistakes made in the payroll administration, many companies have found that they can reduce their costs and reduce their liability risk by relying on Zerberus for a German payroll service.

German Payroll Services for employers

We offer dedicated German payroll solutions specifically for contractors and employers which can be tailored to your needs – saving you time and money. Focus on your business – not on German taxes and social security issues. Let our dedicated team of professionals handle it all for you.

As one part of our client-focused service, we happily assist with registering your company with the German tax and social security system. Zerberus can not only help with this process, but also manage the complex and knowledge intensive administration of the German payroll system for you.

We offer the following services (among others)

  • Registration with the German Tax Office
  • Registration with the Sozialversicherungen (Social Security Organisations)
  • Preparation and calculation of monthly salary and payslips
  • Advice about the available tax free allowances
  • submitting of wage tax returns and forms for national insurance
  • Correspondence with involved parties
  • Annual accounts, administration and year end statements
Outsourcing: your advantage

Outsourcing your payroll can be a more cost-effective and easier way to pay your employees and file your payroll tax returns on time and in full. Additionally, You’ll also have the peace of mind that you’re paying the correct payroll taxes and social security obligations in full and on time.

Don’t worry about incurring tax penalties for late or incomplete submission and payment. Focus completely and solely on your business without having to worry about the complexities of German payroll.


Sure. Just contact us and ask about the best options for you.

In a free initial consultation, we will clarify how we can support you.

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German Payroll Service