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Tax Office MunichThe expertise of a top notch law firm.

The spirit of young entrepreneurs.

From our tax office in Munich, we provide you with comprehensive advice throughout Germany no matter if you are a company, start-up, partner, investor, managing director, freelancer, private individual, or put simply a taxpayer.

In Munich.

The services of our tax office in Munich are individually tailored to your needs:

We provide precise recommendations, offer creative and cutting edge consulting, shape digital processes and offer – where needed – an outstanding network of like-minded legal and business experts.

As a team, we are shaping your economic success. With you.


If you are ready for it, everything runs digitally with us.

We use the latest technologies such as OCR recognition and machine learning. Together with you, we define KPIs that make your business success measurable and make them available to you in individually adapted evaluations and reports.

How does it work? It’s so simple: Paper invoices are scanned or photographed via app and submitted to us.

The advantages of digital financial accounting are manifold and result from

  • Up-to-dateness – receipts are recorded directly and can be evaluated on a daily basis. So you always have access to the latest figures.
  • Cost savings – in the medium term, there is potential for financial savings, firstly through the digital availability of all documents, which leads to an acceleration of work processes, and secondly through material costs for paper, envelopes, folders, printers and storage space.
  • Time saving – digitalised accounting can be completed much faster.

Zerberus offers the following services among others:

  • Recording of business transactions based on your records and documents, bank accounts and incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Checking your invoices for formal requirements
  • Preparation of advance VAT returns
  • Preparation of fixed asset accounts during the year with monthly recording of depreciation
  • Monthly recording of private shares
  • Preparation of the summary and balance lists
  • Preparation of the outstanding item lists (receivables and payables), to support your dunning process
  • Preparation of informative business analyses and reports for corporate management and banks

If you have further wishes, please contact us.

Focus on your daily business – Zerberus takes care of your accounting.

Together we define KPIs that make your success measurable and make them available to you in individually adapted evaluations and reports for corporate management and banks.

For us, business management consulting goes hand in hand with tax consulting. We support you in the analysis of your key business figures, in receivables management, cost accounting and much more.


The annual financial statements present the financial situation and the success of your company. For indivudual enterprises and partnerships, the annual financial statement consists of the commercial balance sheet and the profit and loss account (so-called P&L statement). For corporations, a note (Anhang) and, for medium-sized and large corporations, a management report (Lagebericht) must also be prepared.

The annual financial statements are directed to several addressees, including

  • You : A look at the performance of the last financial year can provide valuable impulses for future decisions
  • The tax office: The annual accounts also serve to determine tax base and are therefore also the basis for the tax returns
  • The Federal Office of Justice : The publication of the annual accounts in electronic form in the Federal Gazette is generally mandatory for corporations. In the case of micro-corporations, the filing of the balance sheet is also sufficient
  • External investors or other stakeholders who would like to obtain information about your company

Zerberus offers the following services, among others:

  • Preparation of the annual financial statements under commercial law, consisting of the balance sheet, profit and loss account and, if applicable, information below the balance sheet or notes to the financial statements, in English or German
  • Advice on the preparation of a management report
  • Preparation of a separate tax balance sheet or derivation of the tax result from the commercial balance sheet
  • Preparation of special balance sheets such as opening balance sheets, interim and closing balance sheets as well as special and supplementary balance sheets for partnerships
  • Discussion of the annual financial statements as well as advice and analysis on the appropriation of profits
  • Preparation and transmission of the e-balance sheet to the tax office
  • Determination and preparation of company and industry key figures
  • Implementation of the publication at the electronic Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger)

Every entrepreneur who is not obliged to prepare a balance sheet at the end of the year must prepare a net income accounts (Einnahmeüberschussrechnung or 4/3 statement).

The net income accounts represents the success of your company. It is addressed to several addressees, including

  • You: A look at the performance of the last financial year can provide valuable impulses for future decisions
  • The tax office: The income surplus calculation serves as the basis for determining the profit for your income tax return
  • External investors or other stakeholders who would like to obtain information about your company

Zerberus offers the following services in our tax office in Munich:

  • Preparation of the net income accounts and determination of the tax corrections
  • Discussion of the net income accounts as well as advice and analysis on the allocation and distribution of profits
  • Determination and preparation of company and industry key figures

Our tax office in Munich offers the following services throughout Germany:

  • Information on individual tax saving opportunities and current tax changes
  • Preparation of your tax return with all necessary attachments
  • Electronic transmission of the declaration to the tax office
  • Review and adjustment of tax prepayments
  • Review of tax assessment notices and – if necessary – appeal procedures

Zerberus is happy to advise you with practical and legal tax tips for

  • Expats: You moved to Germany? We prepare your German tax return and take care of all strings that come attached with it.
  • Employees and civil servants: We advise you on your income tax return, the determination and assertion of income-related expenses, the assessment of child benefit and childcare costs as well as special expenses and extraordinary burdens, the choice of assessment type and much more.
  • Trainees and students: Deduct your expenses even if you are an apprentice or student and earn (almost) nothing at the moment. We can help you with your income tax return and the associated assessment of income-related expenses, special expenses for vocational training, loss offsetting and much more.
  • Pensioners and retirees: More and more pensioners are becoming liable for tax. We support you in the declaration of your income, benefits from pension provision contracts, the tax consideration of pension expenses, expenses for care and much more.
  • Renting and leasing: Do you rent out your house or apartment? We support you in determining and declaring your income and expenses. You let at short notice via Airbnb & co? We help you to meet your tax obligations.
  • Capital income: Do you receive income from capital assets such as dividends and interest? We take care of your tax return.
  • Self-employed persons and tradesmen: We support you with your income tax or assessment declaration.

Income tax return made easy for expats.

You moved to Germany? We take the stress out of German taxes. As taxes for expats can be particularly complicated, having an outstanding, reliable tax consultant is key.

Zerberus  offers the following services throughout Germany from our tax office in Munich:

  • Information on individual tax saving opportunities and current tax changes
  • Preparation of your tax return with all necessary attachments
  • Electronic transmission of the declaration to the tax office
  • Review and adjustment of tax prepayments
  • Review of tax assessment notices and – if necessary – appeal procedures

We prepare all tax returns for your company. Regularly these are trade tax, corporate income tax, value added tax as well as assessment declarations.

In addition, we take care of all tax registrations, such as wage tax returns, advance VAT returns or capital gains tax returns and support you, for example, in applying for an investment subsidy.

Are you a shareholder in a partnership or a corporation?

Zerberus will be pleased to prepare your private tax returns accordingly and advise you on all tax and business management issues.

Zerberus offers the following services in our tax office in Munich:

  • Electronic transmission of the tax returns to the competent tax office
  • Examination and adjustment of tax prepayments, thus avoiding surprises for you due to high tax payments for previous periods
  • Review of tax assessment notices and – if necessary – appeal procedures

Satisfied employees are the basis of every successful company.

Therefore, it is key that your payroll accounting is reliable, correct and timely. Our experienced payroll experts take care of all tasks related to payroll accounting and reduce the administrative burden in your company to a minimum.

In addition to the classic payroll accounting, our tax office in Munich also offers digital payroll accounting.

Your employees receive their own cloud for all payroll documents. Via a secure TAN access your employees can retrieve pay slips, social security certificates and wage tax statements.

Zerberus offers the following services:

  • Setup of payroll accounting
  • Preparation of the current payroll accounting
  • Transmission of the wage tax registration, social security notifications and notifications to the employers’ liability insurance association
  • Determination of private car use
  • Management of the annual payroll journals

Good employees are hard to find and important to keep.

Zerberus helps you to position yourself as an attractive employer by optimizing the net salary of your employees:

You grant your employees preferential wage components without having to pay income tax or social security contributions. In this way you save cash and your employee retains “Mehr Netto vom Brutto“.

How to do this? Our tax office in Munich will be happy to advise you.

Value Added Tax

Zerberus will help you

  • by the exercise of options towards sales tax (e.g. for rental payments or loan interest)
  • by reclaim of input tax paid abroad (Vorsteuervergütungsverfahren)
  • by the deferral of tax payments
  • and many other points

Contact to us. We will advise you on your savings potential.

Cross-border business transactions in particular are a major challenge for entrepreneurs.

Zerberus helps you to keep an eye on the  tax changes relevant to you and advises you on the establishment and expansion of your business or new, electronic distribution channels.

VAT assessments usually apply to a large number of business transactions of the same type. For this reason, VAT in particular entails high liability and tax risks for your company.

The preparation of procedural documentation and implementation of a tax compliance management system can noticeably minimize these risks.

We advise and support you in this respect. Please contact us.

real estate

Contact us in time before buying, selling, giving, bequeathing, renting or renovating real estate. After all, a lot of money is at stake.

A lot can go right or wrong with the tax treatment of real estate. With timely planning and good tax consultant, you can save many thousands of euros.

Zerberus is by your side.


Corporate transactions are complex:

  • In addition to business strategy aspects, buyers of a company must take into account economic, tax and legal framework conditions.
  • In contrast, sellers of a company often part with their life’s work and often have no transaction experience.

Zerberus supports you in this situation. Tax structuring includes in particular the following:

  • Analysis of the tax circumstances of the companies involved
  • Development of a tax optimized transaction structure, e.g.
    forms of structuring to avoid real estate transfer tax
  • Targeted use of losses carried forward and creation of depreciation potential
  • Tax-neutral transfer of parts of the business and, where appropriate, of individual assets
  • Legal form of the acquisition vehicle or target
  • Deductibility of expenses for the financing of acquisitions
  • Forms of management participation
  • Tax consideration of transaction costs
  • Forms of arrangement for reducing the current tax burden
  • Exit arrangements

Due diligence examinations are an integral part of most corporate transactions.

Tax due diligence essentially involves an analysis of tax risks for the past (but also for the future).

The starting point is typically the tax balance sheet of the company. An intensive tax due diligence enables the assessment of potential risks from future tax audits. Accordingly, these can be taken into account in the context of the purchase price assessment (including possible collateral) and can be represented via guarantee and exemption clauses.

Zerberus offers tax due diligence of target companies or target assets

  • Tax Due Diligence (red flag, selected focus or full scope including sales tax, payroll tax and social security contributions, excise duties; buyer’s side)
  • Vendor Tax Due Diligence (seller side)

The knowledge gained from the advised transaction structure and the tax due diligence will be included in the purchase contract negotiations. The result: a transaction without frictional losses.

Zerberus advises among other things:

  • Drafting the tax exemption clause in the context of a share purchase agreement
  • Drafting of the tax exemption clause in the context of a sales contract for assets, in particular from a VAT perspective
  • Termination and establishment of fiscal unity relationships

The starting point for a sound tax structuring of a group of companies or investors is always the detailed analysis of national and international tax and legal structures.

Based on this analysis, we develop possible alternatives for tax optimisation together with you. After all, tax-efficient structures in particular make a significant contribution to the realisation of your strategic goals.

We support you within the scope of the given possibilities to reduce tax burdens temporarily or permanently and thus to considerably increase the inflow of liquidity after taxes or to optimise it in terms of time.

Zerberus regularly advises on the following topics:

  • Company formation and choice of legal form from a tax perspective
  • Implementation of holding structures
  • Admission of new shareholders
  • Acquisition or sale of a company
  • Cross-border activities of your company
  • Conversion of the distribution channels
  • Employee participation models
  • Acquisition of business or private real estate
  • Tax planning to reduce your tax burden

Zerberus not only helps you to fulfil your current duties thoroughly. Zerberus is also at your side in special situations.

  • International activity? We are happy to advise you in English and German
  • Moving to Germany or from Germany abroad? We support you on each step
  • Starting a business? We support you with your step into independence
  • Company succession? We are at your side
  • Process optimization? We examine your processes
  • Business consulting? We prepare the operational figures for your strategic decisions
  • Second opinion? We prepare tax opinions

Our starter kits include comprehensive advice before and during the foundation.

Together with you, we work out the financial planning and fine-tune business plans and pitch decks. And of course we share our creative solutions for the tax-optimised structuring of your start-up with you.

Zerberus starter kit includes in particular:

  • Start-up advice
  • Financial Programming
  • Corporate structure design (Holding)
  • Business plan

Our start-up consulting includes the following services:

  • Information meeting on the founding process
  • Tax remarks on the articles of association
  • Communication with the notary
  • Filling in the tax questionnaire
  • Registration as employer

Zerberus is by your side.

We are happy to support you in the preparation of the financial planning.

Together we will develop and define KPIs for your business model.

Furthermore, Zerberus advises you on the implementation of reporting systems for management and investors.

For accounting, we define rules together with you so that you always have your figures in view.

Ready to think about the exit now, when you are just starting?

No problem for Zerberus. Together with you we set the course for the admission of investors and implement a tax-efficient structure from the very beginning.

Just talk to us.

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