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Accounting practice is changing incredibly fast. Whereas recently it was still common to stop by the tax advisor month after month with your folder, especially in Corona times the accounting documents are being exchanged more and more digitally and online.

BOOKKEEPING – a necessary evil?

Zerberus knows: For you as an entrepreneur, bookkeeping is not your core business. Many feel that bookkeeping is an annoying duty. But a duty required by law and laid down in § 238 HGB (German Commercial Code): “Every merchant is obliged to keep books and to show in them his commercial transactions and the situation of his assets in accordance with the principles of proper accounting“.

Zerberus wants to show you that bookkeeping is important for you. Good and up-to-date bookkeeping supports you in your business decisions. With the help of financial ratios and business analyses (in German Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung or BWA)  you can easily see whether your company is on track.

Correct and orderly ACCOUNTING

What constitutes correct and orderly bookkeeping is regulated by German principles called Grundsätze ordnungsgemäßer Buchführung, in short: GoB or GoBD, when it comes to digital bookkeeping. Correct accounting does not only concern the keeping of electronic books. It is also important that the books and records cannot be changed subsequently and that they are not deleted before the end of the retention period.


If you use digital bookkeeping, you can easily meet all legal requirements and keep your cool in the event of an audit.


Zerberus explains in 5 steps how modern digital or online accounting works.

Step 1: Digitise receipts
Every company (unfortunately) receives invoices. If these – such as fuel receipts – are not yet digital, they are simply photographed with a smartphone or scanned in the (home) office.

Step 2: Upload everything
Zerberus works together with DATEV Unternehmen online. Unternehmen online becomes your new digital archive. Simply upload fuel receipts and store scans. All receipts are stored in an audit-proof way and thanks to automatic text recognition (OCR) you can find every receipt even after years – guaranteed.

Step 3: Process and pay receipts
Logging in at all the different banks to transfer money? That was yesterday.
You enter booking and payment-relevant information once for each voucher and transfer directly in the company online via invoice list on the basis of the stored (automatically read) payment terms. You also check all account transactions directly in Business Online.

Step 4: Use reports
Zerberus provides you with meaningful evaluations for your company via Company Online. This way you are always informed and can concentrate on the challenges of your core business.

Step 5: Realise profits
Numerous individual advantages can be realised for your company. Digital accounting is not only efficient, fast and secure, but also sustainable by saving resources. In addition, thanks to so-called replacement scanning, you can save on storage costs and finally say goodbye to the old paper archive.

Zerberus is taking part in #WeStayHome, so let your receipts join in too.


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